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farine pizza le Moulin 1704
Moulins de Kleinbettingen

Dive into the world of our brand

With over three centuries' experience in milling and 50 years' expertise in semolina production, Moulins de Kleinbettingen and its partner farmers offer you natural products sourced from sustainable agriculture. This joint approach, based on responsible soil management, guarantees authentic, high-quality flours, pastas and sugars.

Le Moulin 1704 : bringing local quality to your plate

Promoting short supply chains, the Le Moulin 1704 brand is committed to using local and regional ingredients. The traceability of these ingredients provides consumers with excellent transparency regarding the provenance and quality of healthful products.

  • Le Moulin 1704 flour is labelled ‘Made in Luxembourg’. 
  • The brand’s pasta, made from sustainably grown Luxembourgish durum wheat, embodies this local and responsible approach. 
  • Its sugar, in partnership with Marc Nicolay, a farmer producing high-quality local sugar beet, offers a first choice for consumers eager to support a national offering. 
Farfalle Les Moulin 1704

Our products - Le Moulin 1704

  • Icone Blé

    Soft wheat

    for your flours

  • Icone Blé dur

    Durum wheat

    for your pasta and couscous

  • icone betterave sucrière

    Local sugar beet 

    for your sugar