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Farine Les Moulin 1704

The guarantee of consistent quality

From taking delivery of the wheat to milling the flour, every step of the manufacturing process is controlled.

We select several varieties of soft wheat. These varieties are classed based on their baking quality in different applications.

In fact, flours are classed by type. The higher the type, the greater the wheat grain content of the flour. With more bran, it is darker in colour. Conversely, the lower the type, the less of the wheat grain the flour contains. With less bran and less husk of the grain, the flour is lighter in colour.

The significant capacity of our facilities allows great flexibility in terms of wheat storage and ensures consistent quality for our flours.

  • Icone extrusion

    Tailor-made product

    for a variety of uses.

  • IFS Food

    IFS Food certification 

    Thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities, Moulins de Kleinbettingen guarantees optimum food safety throughout the entire process. It has been IFS food certified at the highest level since 2010.

  • icone semoule farines

    Adapted packaging

    to suit your needs, from 1 kg bags to bulks.

The different types of flour

Moulins de Kleinbettingen offer several types of flour: 

  • Soft wheat flours : type 38, 45, 55, 65, 110 et 150
  • Organic flours : type 45, 55 et 65
  • Spelt flours : type 630
  • Pizza flours : type 00
  • Blended flours
  • Multi-cereals mixes flours
  • Rye flours
farines spéciales

Various types of flour for different applications

There are two types of wheat: soft wheat, milled to produce wheat flour, and durum wheat, its processing resulting in semolina used for making pasta and couscous.

All flours contain mineral substances from the bran. Each flour is defined by its ash content, i.e. its mineral content. The lower the ash content, the purer and whiter the flour, and the lower the type. For example, Type 45 flour is known as ‘white’ flour. It is used for making fine pastries or brioche and viennoiserie.

One flour is not like another! Its use varies according to the type of preparation. Choosing the appropriate flour ensures the success of your recipe. Thus, a high-type flour will be ideal for making your wholemeal bread.


farines et semoules

The flour to suit your needs

Moulins de Kleinbettingen works hand in hand with its customers to provide the solution best suited to their needs thanks to :

  • choosing different varrieties of soft wheat, often from different origins 
  • a rigorous study of the protein quality and viscosity of the raw material 
  • rigorous selection of wheat batches to ensure optimum quality. 

Find our complete range in OUR CATALOGUE.

farine de blé