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Plant-based alternatives

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Plant-based alternatives

Ecology and innovation are an integral part of our business strategy. Today, the processing of cereals and plants factors in the need for alternatives to animal proteins. 

As a food industry, we want to become a major player in the changes we can expect tomorrow by offering extruded vegetable proteins.

Plant-based foods are synonymous with the sustainable use of natural resources and good health. For flexitarians who want to combine the best of meat with plant-based foods, there is now a real alternative. For products such as hybrid sausages, plant-based ingredients can also replace part of the animal-sourced raw ingredient.

Why expand our offer to include plants?

To feed a growing population, the United Nations estimates that the world will need an additional 265 million tonnes of protein by 2050. Today, studies show that the most sustainable source to bridge this gap is plant-based protein. Bolstered by our know-how and expertise developed since 1704, we are diversifying our ranges beyond soft wheat and durum wheat by proposing TVP (textured vegetable proteins), dry products that require rehydration before use, and HME (high moisture extrusion), a technology producing hydrated products ready for use.

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What do we offer? 

Active in both dry and wet extrusion, we produce both: 

TVP: textured vegetable proteins

Dry textured vegetable proteins are excellent meat alternatives and can be used as a base for various types of finished vegetarian or vegan products (burgers, meatballs, sausages, etc.) and many other recipes.

HME: high moisture extrusion

For all these products, we use several cutting technologies. These enable us to produce a wide range of different shapes according to our customers' wishes. After cutting, the products are frozen and packed on our production site.

TPV / HME - extrusion

Textured vegetable proteins (TVP) – High moisture extrusion (HME)

  • Icone extrusion

    All types of protein

  • Icone extrusion

    Option to provide your own proteins

  • Icone extrusion

    European raw materials

  •  Icone extrusion

    On-site co-development

  • Icone extrusion

    Customised products

  • Icone extrusion

    Made in Luxembourg

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