Plant-based proteins
and meat replacement

We have been processing cereal products since 1704.

We are Les Moulins de Kleinbettingen, a Luxembourgish company based in the heart of Europe. We have been processing cereal products since 1704 and started texturizing plant-based proteins in 2022.

Why do we need
plant-based proteins?

The UN estimates that to feed a growing population in 2050 we will need an additional 265 Million tons of proteins. The most sustainable source to fill this gap is plant-based proteins.

We have a long history working with plants. We decided to go beyond wheat, durum and spelt and started to extrude plant-based proteins. In our brand-new factory, we produce dry and wet plant-based texturates.

and wet

We have all the equipment to produce dry and wet texturates.

Wide range of proteins

Our network of suppliers and our flexibility allow for proteins including soy, wheat, pea, fava and sunflower. You can even bring your own proteins!

On-site co-development

Together we develop the product you need in our factory and bring it to commercial production.

Tailor-made approach

We create and develop the product you need – you choose the protein, shape and other parameters.

in Europe

We are based in the heart of Europe and hence are close to most of our customers.

We offer
plant-based meat produced by extrusion.

We are a co-manufacturer. Being active in dry and wet extrusion, we do both semi-finished and finished products.

Dry textured plant proteins are ingredients that can be used to make plant-based burgers, meat balls, bolognese and for many other applications.

Wet textured plant proteins, also known as HMMA (High Moisture Meat Analogue) or HME, can be used as both semi-finished and finished products. We use multiple cutting technologies to produce a large range of different shapes. After cutting, the products are frozen and packed at our location.

What makes us so special?

Wide range of plant-based proteins

Our range includes dry and wet textured proteins which come in different shapes.
We mainly use European raw materials.


Dry — Mince 50/68


Dry — Flake 50


Dry — Slice 50


Dry — Chunk 70


Wet - Chunk


Wet - Stripe


Wet - Kebab


Wet - Pulled

Bring your raw material and
build your own product.

No matter if you are a producer of protein powder or if you already work with a supplier – you can bring your own raw material on our site to develop your product with us.

Protein levels

For different applications you need different solutions. We develop textured proteins with the protein level you need.

Shapes and sizes

You need textured proteins to make hamburgers, meat balls, Bolognese, chicken pieces or something else? We can create the shape and size that your end product demands.

Dry and wet

We’re able to do both dry and wet products. Dry products serve as an ingredient, wet products are sold frozen and can be both an ingredient and a finished product, for example a chicken chunk.

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About Les Moulins

We have been transforming cereal products since 1704 and have one of the most modern mills in Europe. With these production facilities we are able to meet the highest standards of quality. Situated in Luxembourg, we sell our products throughout Europe.